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I am professionally and socially considered to be an ambitious, confident and hardworking individual, who deals with my affairs with integrity and passion.  I am an intelligent and conscientious communicator, with the ability to deal with people, on all levels and from all walks of life.

I enjoy working with challenging and fast moving environments, where my skills and qualities can allow me to motivate others and myself – in order to achieve the highest level of performance.

I feel I am now ready to draw from all my experience, both professionally and personally – fully utilising and sharing – all the knowledge I have gained – over the last 38 years of my life, within a Business Venture/Project – where I can provide an Elite Service to  Members of the Public.


Born 10th June 1967, in Mill Road, Cambridge – I have five brothers and three sisters.

From a very early age, I have been given and put in, positions of trust.

My schooling started to go wrong when the time came for Secondary Education.  The first year was spent at Netherhall, the second, at Coleridge. Then onto private tutoring by the local authorities.

They believed my ‘problem’ was as a result of needing too much attention, 30 to a class, was too much for me.

Mary Birdett, my Social Worker at that time, found me a place in Kneesworth House, near Royston.  It was live in Monday – Friday and weekends at home.  I volunteered straight away.

Here I learnt about ‘Real Life’ – Engineering, Communication, all aspects of Building, Agricultural work and Motor Mechanics.

I was even trusted to catch the train to Cambridge in the week from 6pm - -11pm to work at Crusts Restaurant

The best 3 years education in my life – I was very sad to leave.

Within a year, I was in a stable relationship, with a woman 13 years my senior, who had three children.

I loved all the responsibilities ‘family life’ entailed, maintaining a home and caring for her offspring.

This is how I became a Business Man.


Work History
Crusts Restaurant, Cambridge

1984 – 1986                           Kitchen Manager

Commenced as a ‘Washer-up, twice weekly, with promotion to Prep Chef, then Grill Chef, finally enjoying a full time position – as Kitchen Manager.

Trolley Stop Restaurant, Cambridge
Brookfields Hospital, Cambridge

1984 – 1986                            2nd Chef (Second)

During this period, I had two jobs, situated close together, allowing me to work part-time days and evenings.

Unemployed January and August of this year
1986 – 1986

RTB Motor Services, Cambridge

1986 – 1987                           Owner

Supported by the Enterprise Allowance Scheme – I brought a Garage and Car Care Business – enabling me to supply 2 unemployed people with temporary positions.

Tracy’s Nitespot, Cambridge
Impressions Restaurant

1987 – 1989                           Owner    

During this two and a half year period, I successfully bought and renovated a City Centre building into a Club and Restaurant – employing a total of 30 staff.


Unemployed October to following November
1989 – 1990

Groove II Promotion, Cambridge

1990-1992                              Stage Manager

I was responsible for and in full control of Stage Acts and Events, at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

All Aspects of Security, Cambridge

1992 – 1993                            Minder

I provided full care, looking after Clients around the clock.

Levels Wine Bar

1992 – 1993                           Share Holder

Whilst working in the ‘Security World’ – I made a few good contacts and investors. I then bought and renovated an old cinema house, into an Entertainment Complex, accommodating up to 700 Guests and employing 65.  Massive Project!

Unemployed for two months
1994 – 1995

G N K Services, Cambridge

1995 – 1996                            Partner

Supported by The Prince’s Youth Business Trust, we supplied Security Escorts, Limousines and Body Guards, employing a total of 28 Staff.

P.R.O. Cambridge

1996 – 1998                           Partner

Business Merger took place with GNK, extending services to Catering & Private Detectives.

1998 – 2002

Business Research & Studies

2002 – Present                      Self-Employed

During the period I held Temporary Contract Positions in Security and Catering.  Studying Business Law – to secure a new venture.

Qualities and Skills

  • Excellent Communicator
  • Strong Leadership and Organisational Skills
  • Versatile to changing environments
  • Patient and reliable


  • P421C Drama
  • Samaritans Listener
  • B.A.W.L.A Trainer & Power Lifting Coach
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Control and Restraint
  • Heart Start – Health and Safety – First Aid
  • Fire Awareness

 Downtime: Blake Tracy cooks to relax, meditates to focus, Power lifts for strength. Likes to entertain, dance and use his hands to do any kind of handy work possible. Finds it hard to totally switch off as 'Business' dominates his thoughts. He offers no smile but looks hopeful when he says "I am not looking for love but I know it's out there somewhere".

References available on request


Setting the Record Straight

  Approved Visiting Order Procedure With Police Liason Officer  
  Urgent Memo  


Why would an ambitious, Fit, Healthy, Now 38 year old Cambridge Man, attack a Police Officer in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon?
The Answer is a clear case of mistaken identity.


Throughout this Trial Mr Tracy has refused to defend himself, being silent.  Though sometimes listening!, his head down he has not taken part whatsoever.

The history behind this stems from when Mr Tracy is first arrested on the 17th December 2004 in the County of Cornwall. 4 Days later he is remanded in custody as an A Category Prisoner which basically deems him as being dangerous.

Mr Tracy then went on to spend the next ‘10 months!’ Trying to plea his innocence by communicating with ALL the Independent Legal Governing Bodies who BOAST of being able to put JUSTICE back on track. He didn’t get anywhere in spite of all his ‘Gallant efforts!’.


FINALLY on the 31st October 2005 Mr Tracy started a peaceful protest that consisted of:-

Instead he communicated by writing only as his hearing and listening skills were unaffected by this protest. THE ONLY WAY Mr Tracy would stop his protest was if and when Tony Blair  of 10 Downing Street would intervene or give guidance to the matter. That letter arrived and was handed to Mr Tracy in the Court Cells here at Norwich.  The outcome was not conclusive nor imminent but Mr Tracy agreed to finish his protest. 14 days without Food, Water, Talking.

The Prison Doctor at Whitemoor, a Mr Nandy was asked to examine Mr Tracy in the court cells on the morning of the 14th November 2005, shortly before Mr Tracy had agreed to be examined.  Doctor Nandy, equipped with no medical tools whatsoever, looked into Mr Tracey’s mouth and complained about not wanting to be put into this position. This Doctor took no blood or urine samples and left making a statement to the Court that Mr Tracy is fit to stand Trial.  “ the Power of Influence”.


On the early afternoon of Saturday 27th November 2004 in the City of Cambridge, a Police car travelling away from the City, down Histon Road, looking for offenders, saw a blue/green Nissan car with a black man driving and a white man in the passenger seat and no views of anyone being in the back.
This Police Officer thought “This car is worth a pull”, and instead of putting his blue light and siren on and turning round he signalled to another Police car that was two or three cars behind the Nissan and travelling the same way.

Whilst this was going on, a 3rd Police car was already in the area looking for a Nissan.  The Officers of this car already had a registration number to hand!

The Nissan car is allegedly followed to the back of the Co-op car park, further down Histon Road, by a Police dog handler – P.C. Griffiths.  P.C. Griffiths claims that he is approached by the black driver who moans about being stopped 3 times already that week.  The white male stood to one side.
P.C. Griffiths says he did not release his dog ‘Todd’ from the car for his own protection!

P.C. Griffiths used his Police notebook for everything he had carried out that morning, however, when it came to the Nissan car and the names of the attackers he only used a scrap of paper!?  According to P.C. Griffiths his attackers waited until he had radioed through all their details as well as the Nissan car and then set about him.

P.C. Griffiths did not know who had done what to him, however stated clearly that the black man had punched him first.  At, or just before the attack P.C .Griffiths through his radio ear piece was being given a description of who the black man might be.....Was a photo used to do this?
This was done because the car was registered to Ms Clare Sharrock – 115 Darwin Drive, Cambridge.  This address was a known address for members of the Blake family.  In fact, they had been there since 1989.

P.C. Griffiths when giving his statement is very vague because he does not mention eyes, ears, nose, grey hair-receded, or teeth.....Mr Tracy has ALL these things!

The clothes he describes, are they the same clothes in the Court room today? ....NO
P.C. Griffiths is clear about one thing though......He has had no dealings with the Blakes.


An eye witness walking past the car park says he saw 3 maybe 4 youths having a ‘scrap’.  He saw NO COLOUR, NO POLICE OFFICER, but might have seen a knife being held by one of the youths.
No black male is mentioned.

Mr and Mrs McGredy describe finding P.C. Griffiths leaning against his Police car in the car park.  Mrs McGredy phones the ambulance and also gives a description of the black male in the area, dressed as smart, with maybe a suit jacket on.  Mr McGredy describes a black male just strolling along Histon Road with a bag.  Only Mrs McGredy was invited to an identification procedure that took place on the 3rd February 2005.
No identification was made.

Arriving at the scene in the car park was Police Office Ashton-Jones who smelt CS gas and reacted to it.
THEN came Police Officer Skipworth whose nose, eyes and throat reacted to the CS gas or pepper spray.
Police Officer Griffiths however has failed to mention gas or spray – Why?  This procedure is used to control situations.

An eye witness who was driving her car from the car park at the front of the shops had to break suddenly to avoid a black man who came from the back of the shops.  Looking in her rear view mirror she thought it could have been a security man.  Not invited to an identification.
An eye witness saw a black man in the area dressed in black clothes.  Not invited to an identification.



Wendy Pleasance says “There was a hell of a lot of Police in the area”.  Police Officers with dogs, helicopters, guns etc., have all confirmed that they were called to the area.  No one mentions any cars being chased with a black man involved.

Marie Crowley, a local from the area sees a 6ft black man with a white man who tries to ‘chat her up’ entering Frances Darwin Court on foot.  What was found at 6 Frances Darwin Court has been left out of this investigation.  Marie Crowley was invited on an identification procedure of the white man, but not the black man.

Amie and Lisa from the flower shop in Mill Road, Cambridge, shortly after 12pm midday on the 27th November 2004 remember a black man and a white man buying a rose.  The black man was 5ft 5in, medium build, but neither of them could help with clothing.  However, Amie mentioned the black man coming across as a ‘gangster’.

Lisa, who’s surname is Hancock was invited to an identification procedure on the 7th February 2005.  NO identification was made even though they both say the guys were in the shop for at least 10 minutes.  Amie was not invited to an identification procedure.


A Police Office visiting P.C. Griffiths at the hospital said he spoke to him and was told by P.C. Griffiths...”I would not be able to identify him – but his face is familiar”.  The Blake name is still being thrown around as the number one suspect.

Three weeks later on the morning of the 17th December 2004 in the County of Cornwall, a place called Holsworthy, 15 miles from Bude, Mr Tracy was arrested being a passenger in Mrs Stella Croft’s car. Her son Steven was driving.  Three officers gave their version of the arrest.  One said he saw a knife on the ground.  The second said he asked Mr Tracy if he had anything on him and the reply was “I have a knife in a sleeve”.  The third version was, I saw the knife drop from Mr Tracy’s waistline.  None of these officers mentioned that the First Arms Officer had dragged him and the driver out first before asking questions.  It’s a shame that the missing food and cookery equipment was not mentioned either.

Mrs Stella Croft, a long-term friend of the Blake family, who lives in Bude, Cornwall, remembers Mr Tracy just turning up with his girlfriend, who leaves the next day.  They were looking for a hotel, however Mrs Croft said that they could stay.

Mrs Croft also went on to say that Mr Tracy asked to stay longer and stayed for 2 or 3 weeks.  In the time Mr Tracy was around Mrs Croft attended a viewing of a factory business unit up for lease with Mr Tracy.  The landlord was there to greet them and show them around.  Mr Croft said that Mr Tracy asked her to borrow money for his new venture, First £1700 and then £5,500 on the condition that she holds his Mercedes car as security.
Mr Tracy must have visited Mrs Croft previously before this stay because how else would he have known where to turn up.

Mrs Croft said that Mr Tracy had a hired car that was collected from her home by the hire company on the 14th December 2004, some 10 days after it had been hired in Cambridge.  Mrs Croft said that shortly after that car was returned she felt that Mr Tracy was acting strange.  At no other time does she comment about his behaviour.  Out of the blue Mr Tracy told Mrs Croft that he had to return to Cambridge and could he borrow £50 for the coach fare.  Mrs Croft loaned him the money.

The early morning bus left at 6.50am or 7 am in the morning from approximately 200 yards down the road from Mrs Crofts place.  On the morning of 17th December 2004 Steven Croft helped Mr Tracy with his cases to the bus stop.  Half an hour had passed since they left and Mrs Croft started to worry.  15 miles away they were both being dragged out of Mrs Crofts car and told to lay on the road.
This happened in Holsworthy, the place where the coach would stop next.  There was no car chase.


Mr Tracy was charged on the afternoon on the 20th December 2004 with:-
a)Attempted Murder      b) Having a blade or point    
At Parkside Police Station, Cambridge.

The only evidence against Mr Tracy at this stage was a DNA match found at the scene that could have been his, or anyone else with the same DNA.  Secondly, a black man being seen in the area, and thirdly, a finger and palm print found on a Smirnoff Ice box in the boot of the Nissan car that was at the scene.

This was not enough to charge Mr Tracy, and that is what the Head Detective told Magistrates.
The box in the boot contained 3 bottles of Smirnoff Ice and a bottle of Red Wine.  9 bottles of Smirnoff Ice were missing and we do not know how long those finger prints had been in the boot for.  No other prints belonging to Mr Tracy were on the Nissan, especially in the front driver’s side.  Nor did P.C. Griffiths give any mention to any gloves being worn by his black attacker.

On the 21st December 2004, Mr Tracy appears at Cambridge Magistrates for:- a) being wanted for driving a hired van with no insurance in March 2004  b) two new charges for the day before... The cases for which were separated and dealt with by two different sets of Magistrates.
Whilst this was ongoing it was alleged that Police Office Griffiths attended an identification procedure and positively identified Mr Tracy saying “That’s the man – Number 7”.


Born in Mill Road, Cambridge in 1967, Mr Tracy comes from a large family and whilst growing up in the City, worked and ran his own businesses employing up to 60 staff during one project.  He has never spent any great length of time away from Cambridge.  Mr Tracy has frequently used shops in both Mill Road and Histon Road most of his life and would be easily recognised as one of the Blake family.  There are 11 properties inside Cambridge attached to the family, and more if you step outside of the zone.

Marie Crowley, a local in the Darwin Drive area had not seen Mr Tracy as she would have known!
Having been a Blake address from 1989, 115 Darwin Drive, Cambridge is also the long term home of Glenda Fenton, the mother of Mr Tracy’s son, Robert Jordan Blake, now aged 20 years.  So when you look at page 6 of your juries bundles ‘Blake address’ means his son.  Mr Tracy’s address was Stirling, 12 Pound Road, Chatteris, Cambs. PE16 6RL at the time of the incident and his arrest.
A minor road traffic offence is what Mr Tracy was wanted for, this is not a motive to attack or hide.

Mr Tracy uses his Right to be silent in interviews, however, he agreed to see a Police Doctor and spoke with him, taking of his paper suit for a full examination of his naked body.

The Doctor had no concerns and took no pictures.
He agreed to have his fingerprints taken, pictures taken and DNA taken.
Finally, when asked, he agreed to a live I.D. Parade as these cannot be ‘fixed!”


THE IDENTIFICATION of Mr Tracy under the ‘Viper’ procedure was not safe because: a) He was not prepared to have one  b) The Police had already charged him and had nearly a year to arrange a live parade  c) A document left on Norwich Court files on the 23rd December 2004  d) Why give a choice if sit is so hard to find people to take part  e) Page 34 of your jury bundle shows a colour picture of Mr Tracy aged 30 years.  This picture was shown to the hire car recovery driver in Cornwall before the arrest took place.  The same method could have been used with P.C. Griffiths.
The Police car was not parked at the incident to prevent any drive through.

The WHOLE case against Mr Tracy relies solely on the Victims Identification of him and this is where the case is INFLUENCED because without the I.D. there is no case and the other evidence against Mr Tracy becomes CIRCUMSTANTIAL.

The DNA match in blood does not prove Mr Tracy’s presence and nor does the arrest 2 weeks later.  Mr Tracy is not the only one with this DNA and no scientist with or without an explanation can say differently.

The suggestion that Mr Tracy got away from 115 Darwin Drive in broad daylight without being noticed is poor to say the least.  The area was swamped with Police....including air support.

Mr Tracy was travelling with cases/bags when being driven by Steven Croft in his mother’s car.  Because bags and contents have gone missing from Police Custody Mr Tracy relies on the Judge obtaining a Document left on Norwich Court Files on the 23rd December 2004.  Though it proves nothing, it is the only remaining copy left and the details are the missing part to this Closing Statement, (If Judge allows a copy – read).

Please look at the briefcase Mr Tracy was travelling with, the contents that must have already been in Cornwall.  The links he has with the place has been put to one side because he offered No Defence.  However, the cases in that car were a huge part of his defence.  Mrs Croft was not the only person known to Mr Tracy in Cornwall.  He had visited others, arranged a new home and was accepted by a new family.
Study the large blue 2004 diary.

Mr Tracy was not arrested in a rented car, nor a stolen car.  The car was rented from Avis and returned to Avis, hired by Ms Tracy Fenton and Associates from Abbey Transport.

THE the Crown have failed to put Mr Tracy in the car at the scene, or as one of the attackers.  By not using the security measures taught to the Police Officers has now left this cased wide open for anything to be added or taken away.


In short, full advantage has been taken because Mr Tracy represented himself.
It is agreed that Mr Tracy was found with a knife, regardless of any Officer seeing one drop.  At the first opportunity when asked, his reply was “I have a knife in my sleeve”.

The dispute is....If you drag someone into a public place before asking them “Have you got anything on you?” Then you have made them guilty.
This is reflected in an earlier Hearing, when Mr Tracy was asked to plead guilty or not guilty to having a blade/point in a public place.  Mr Tracy replied “I reserve my right to plea” and the Judge recorded ‘Not Guilty’.

The Crown going on to say that the same knife is consistent with the one used in the attack is ridiculous for two main reasons:-  a) It was in Cornwall at the time  b) Any knife with a point could have caused the damage to the Police Officers clothing.
Look at picture No. 1 exhibit AGN ‘3’ in your jury  bundle......Do we call this incompetence or corruption.


The Crown when opening this case stated “This is not a complicated case”, suggesting the black man who owns the Nissan car with a DNA match must be Mr Tracy!

Well that might have been the case had the Police eliminated all the possibilities first......THEY DID NOT.
Instead they launched a ‘Man Hunt’ straightaway placing all their eggs in one basket not even considering that Mr Tracy’s profile simply does not fit the crime.

Raiding houses, smashing down doors and making the whole of Cambridge think it’s one man.
Intelligence information took them no further.  Recorded traffic stops for Mr Tracy was ‘ONE’, March 2004, in a hired VW van.  So he had never been stopped driving a Nissan car.

Clare Sharrock appears as a huge part of this case, the car registered to her.  Her finger prints were found in the boot of the Nissan, she shared a house with Mr Tracy in Chatteris and her name appears in the jury bundles (page 34).  Yet the Crown did not call her to give evidence.

Then there are the names given to the Police Officer Griffiths, which he writes on a scrap piece of paper.  David Santilly,’ 6 Francis Darwin Court’.  Well what happened there?

If I told you that this black man between 5ft 8in – 6ft with a goatee beard was stopped and questioned in the area shortly after, would you say “Why did the Crown not call him either?”

Too much information has been kept from you because it undermines the case against Mr Tracy.
The Crown talk of building a modern day wall with bricks, however, in this case they have totally forgotten the use of cement, and no way walls stay up without it.


At some given time Mr Tracy found out that she was a wanted suspect and headed back to Cambridge with the knowledge it was a knife attack.  It didn’t stop him carrying one, that should have been placed in his cookery bag with all the utensils, including more knives, foods and spices.
The same bag goes missing because it undermines the Crown’s case.

Finally I would like to deal with Police Officer Griffiths and his motives to lie.

In this country we do not have internal affairs investigating Police Officers and their investigations.  We have the IPCC, Independent Police Complaints Commission, who launched an investigation on Mr Tracy’s behalf.....against Officers in Cornwall and Cambridge.
This is still active and maybe then, and only then will we have this motive.  So for now we stick to....’INFLUENCED’.

Blake Tracy

  Head of Operations -Governor Angela Hartley HMP Whitemoor  
  General Application  

Prisoners routinely bugged as jails fall in shadowy area of surveillance