On Saturday the 27th November 2004 in the City of Cambridge England, between the hours of 1 and 2pm a serious attack on a Police Officer took place.  The location was a car park behind the Co-op Supermarket on Histon Road.  The Police Officer, a Mr Griffiths was with his dog, said in a statement, dated 1.12.04 “my attention was brought to a blue hatch back”. It is clear that P.C. Griffiths did not.... a )stop the vehicle... b) carry out a registration inspection whilst in transit... and because of this we cannot be sure that he actually followed that vehicle. This is supported by the fact that P.C. Griffiths failed to write any of the details in his notebook, a piece of paper is being used as evidence.

The vehicle a Nissan Almera PX02 SVY legally on the road was registered to a Ms Clare Sky Sharrock a Job Centre Plus employee at 115 Darwin Drive, Cambridge.  Clare was not the owner of the address, she was put up by Mrs Glenda Fenton and her son Jordon Blake because of a council eviction at her previous home 8 Linden Close, Cambridge.  The council used Armed and Riot Police to remove her on the 15th April 2004.

Control room was communicating with P.C. Griffiths who had an ear piece in whilst he checked the identities of a black and a white male giving the names Martin Morris and David Santilly. P.C. Griffiths left his dog in the car.  Everything checked out as O.K. with the men, however just before P.C. Griffiths was about to let them go a Sergeant Skipworth in the control room said “one of the addresses was an address for Robert Blake – have you had any dealings with him?”  P.C. Griffiths replied “No”.  The next radio contact was P.C. Griffiths calling for help.

P.Sgt 770 Nick Skipworth made a statement on the same day 27.11.04 he said; “I gave him a description of Blake” referring to Griffiths, however he failed to mention: a) Where the description came from.  b) How he knew Blake.  c) When was the last time he saw Blake.  P.S. Skipworth describes the scene behind the Co-op “P.C. Griffiths looked like the victim of a gangland hit from a mobster film.  It was very disturbing to see even as an officer with 11 years experience like myself”.  P.S. Skipworth could smell C.S. Gas or Pepper Spray which burnt his eyes and made his nose tingle when arriving on the scene.

Eye-witnesses describes at least two black men near the scene and three white, making a total of ‘five’, however P.C. Griffiths description makes you think there is another black male.  None of these descriptions fit Blake.


With no evidence on Blake whatsoever, other than a ‘Black Man’ involved a ‘Man Hunt’ WAS LAUNCHED BY Cambridge Constabulary to pick him up.  Helicopters, Dogs, Armed Police, Plain Clothes, Uniform Officer’s Traffic Officer’s, Forensic teams, etc., etc., “swamped the area”.  They told his son at 115 Darwin Drive during a search minutes after the attack “Your dad has stabbed a police officer”.  Blake was not found in the area.  Only a ‘ghost’ could have walked free from that.  No other black men have been arrested in connection with this crime because of this serious blunder.

Two hours after the attack a man is found in the bushes near the scene.  He was white, the helicopter found him.  Darren Lee Wisbey was charged with attempted murder on P.C. Griffiths.  Knives were recovered from the scene as well.

Police turn Cambridge upside down and cannot find Blake anywhere, until information received through a house in Cambridge.

Made at 7.10am in the County of Cornwall on Friday 17th December 2004.  Blake was being taken to the coach station to return to Cambridge.  Armed Police in Range Rover’s excited at the prospect of real work, stop the car Blake is travelling in, pull him and the driver out, chuck them on the ground and make two arrests.  Blake had a small kitchen knife that he removed from a knife box, grey in colour, from his Aunts flat.  Blake replaced the knife with another of his Aunts knives.  On the whole Blake was impressed with the arrest because he likes good manners. As Blake lay in the wet road he could see two Cambridge Detectives identifying him.  Legs and hands cuffed he is chucked into the back of a small van and transported by two Police Officers to Exeter Police Station.

Police say the clothing Blake was wearing fit the clothes identified on the ‘Black Attacker’, yet all the clothes including the shoes were in Cornwall at the time of the crime.  Forensic tests were done and nothing found.

Blake arrived at Cambridge on Saturday 18th December 2004.  Blake agreed to a live I.D. Parade and a full examination by a Police Doctor.  All the time making his notes Blake remained silent when interviewed, that was his legal right.  Blake refused any legal assistance.

Blake was produced on the 19th December 2004 at Lion Yard Magistrates Court, it was a Sunday.  The two biggest Police Officers Blake had ever seen got into the back of a two door Astra Police car with him in the middle.  Fortunate for Blake, an 11 stone body weight gave him a space to sit.  Shortly after mid-day magistrates granted an extra 36 hours custody time. 

Whilst the head of the investigation D.S. Mead was on oath Blake was allowed to ask questions, the main one being to do with an I.D. Parade – D.S. Mead confirmed that an I.D. Parade would either “include or exclude” Blake from our enquires.  D.S. Mead goes on to say “I am in negotiations with West Midlands, Northampton, Metropolitan and Military Bases to arrange a parade”.  To this day Blake has not had an I.D. Parade.

The Doctor saw that Blake had some old cuts, and in his statement – dated 22.02.05 he said, “I am of the opinion that the injury to the back of his left wrist and the back of his right hand were not of recent origin.
Charged on the 20th December 2004 Blake listened to the officer a) Attempted Murder. b) Having a blade in a public place. c) Perverting the course of justice.  Blake still un-represented made ‘No Reply’.  On the 21st December 2004, Blake was slipped into Court 1 to deal with outstanding ‘Warrant’ for minor road traffic offences.  The case was adjourned until the 21.06.05 and ‘Bail Granted’. 

Still being held at the Magistrates Blake waited a further 2 hours to see another set of Magistrates that remanded him in custody.  The only thing Blake challenged in court was the prosecutor when he said; “Blake was picked out on an I.D. Parade”.  The prosecutor went red, spoke to some Police in the Court and said: “I’ve made a mistake”.  Blake was able to use this mistake to obtain a copy of the pre-cons put in front of the Magistrates.

Blake spent the night in Bedford Prison giving them some constructive criticism.  On  the afternoon of the 22nd December 2004 a team of 5 Prison Officer’s escorted Blake to Woodhill Prison. 

Blake was impressed with the transport because he had a seat belt for the first time, however the green and yellow boiler suit did not match his eyes.  The following morning a team of 5 Prison Officers transported Blake to Norwich Crown Court.

On the 23rd December 2005 Blake handed Senior Prison Officer WH 675 a hand written letter for the Judge because he wanted it left on court files.  The hearing lasted about 20 minutes and Blake was cuffed with an officer each side. 

This upset Blake a little inside because he could not make direct notes acting as litigant in person.  One of the letters handed to the Judge was a Bail Application, the other, asking the Judge to assist him finding a ‘Trusted’ legal associate called Bernie Frances, an ex ‘Police Detective’. 

They were not friends, Francis and Blake, but they trusted and respected each other.  Blake would go the case alone without Bernie Francis – it made him smile because Blake in a way wanted chance to remove the cobwebs from his knowledge of the system. 

The Judge (name not known) was reluctant to hear a bail application in writing so bail was refused on two grounds: a) May commit further offences. b) May fail to surrender. The Judge however did go on to say “who lives in Bude, Cornwall?” Blake replied “My Aunt and Friends”. 

The Judge then said; “when you find yourself legal representation I will hear another Bail Application”.  Unknown to Blake, Senior Officer WH 675 made written notes of the Judges comments because he thought “It unfair” that the cuffs had to stay on Blake.  Blake was touched by this.

Blake adjusted fast to his surroundings keeping himself to himself, only coming out of his cell for food or showers.  Blake would clean all the time to make himself feel good.  Blake was awarded with a large chocolate log for having the cleanest cell on the landing, he was touched again.LEGAL VISIT.
Blake had made several plea’s in writing to Hilliers Solicitor’s to contact Bernie Frances who no longer worked for them, Blake knew why. 

On the morning of the 31st January 2005 Blake took his first legal visit with a man called Steve Bayford from Noble Solicitor’s.  Because of previous dealing with Nobles Blake made it clear to Steve Bayford that he wanted him to deal with a bail application only.  Blake knew things about Nobles and Bayford that he did not trust, however paying for a bail application was the only move he wanted to make. 

Giving Steve Bayford all the Crowns case against him Blake left the legal visit thinking ‘now let’s see what your really made of Nobles’. Blake made sure he never had another legal visit with them at the prison.

On the 15th February 2005 Blake and Wisbey are transported to Norwich Crown Court.  Blake was impressed that his legal team were waiting for him, however Steve Bayford was not present, this made Blake rare up.  A barrister called Craig Crosby was able to cool Blake down because he understood why Blake was raring up.  Nearly 3 hours were spent that day going through the bail application and Blake was confident about Craig making the right moves. 

The trouble was Blake had to know if Noble’s were ‘Noble’ so he laid a trap saying “Bail Application to be made by Friday 19th February 2005 in chambers with the Judge that invited me to do so – or your sacked”.  Craig knew Blake was serious.  In court Blake got to see Craig perform and liked him more, however the fact that Craig had told him that P.C. Griffith’s statement had not been given to him played on his mind.  The Prosecutor said; “we wish to serve some further evidence including DNA”. 

Blake told himself that DNA is not possible unless the Police are planning a ‘Fit Up’.  The prosecutor knew Blake was bail-able, however Blake did not go for bail because it had to be done in chambers after they found the name of the Judge that they needed.  Blake returned to Woodhill Prison – no pleas were made and the Judge ordered additional evidence to be served within 7 days.

On the 8th March 2005 Blake was not woke up for court, he knew now that Nobles were not ‘Noble’.  At about 9.15am Blake left H.M. Prison Woodhill and was transported to Norwich Crown   Court the trap he laid was going to plan because court times had been changed to afternoon.  Blake was greeted by Steve Bayford and the first thing that came to Blake’s mind was SNAKE. 

Steve Bayford was alone, the Barrister was still in London, Blake smiled saying to himself, “Steve thinks I’m a fool”.  Taken up to court at 2pm Blake looked at the third Judge that had sat on his case and said;  “here comes the fit up”, one of the prison officers said “pardon” and Blake just smiled looking at the third prosecutor he has seen the crown use.  Blake knew John Farmer personally, he had represented him and other members of his family in the 80’s – without a shadow of doubt Blake had the Police, Prosecutor, Judge, Solicitor and soon the prison if not already against him. 

Blake touched his heart and felt it beating faster than usual, he felt embarrassed for them all, he looked to the floor and listened.  The Judge ordered in writing this time that the Crown to serve the DNA evidence, the medical evidence and the application to adduce bad character by Wednesday 15th March 2005, it was not done – case closed on Blake.  Blake knows he’s got to work extra hard to free himself because unless you can ‘EXPOSE’ a fit up it will continue.  So as soon as the Judge adjourned the case until the 22.3.05 Blake went straight downstairs and sacked Noble’s Steve Bayford a liability that could not even perform a bail application in 35 days, Blake had no need to hold on to him or Nobles anymore.

On Saturday 19th March 2005 Darren Wisbey,  Blakes co-defendant handed him a letter and said “read this please”.  It was additional DNA evidence dated 17th March 2005.  Blake started to read, first page apart from the date nothing to report, second page Blake was smiling because he sensed fraud by looking at the fax date and times.  The forensic scientist signs a document on the 16TH March 2005 yet if you look in the top left hand corner of the fax show clearly a date 17-03-05, time 12.05. 

If the Crown were not so desperate this serious mistake would have not been made.  Blake still looking at the second page and the signature of Joanne Caveille the forensic scientist remembered the date of the crime as being the 27th November 2004.  So why would a DNA report be dated 16th March 2005.  Blake thought this was serious fraud, corruption at the highest level and so ‘fucking blatant!’.  Blake turned the page slowly as if in shock.  ‘Information Received’ sprung out at Blake because now he knew that the Police have only just approached the forensic scientist giving them plenty of time and opportunity to plant Blake’s DNA everywhere. 

An officer is seriously attacked on the 27th November 2004 and the Crown wants Blake to accept a ‘Report’ dated the 17th March 2005 – where is the ‘original’.  No way is Joanne Caveille the first forensic scientist to test the evidence, that would have been done within days of the crime, 7 maximum, making it the 6th December 2004.  Blake did not read anymore of the document instead he prepared a full report making clear that if he was not out by ‘Good Friday’ on bail, then the report plus supporting evidence would go to the press and Rev. Rosemary Wakelin, a trusted friend.