Date: 09-09-09 all the nines, ‘999’.... not a number I would ever consider calling!!!  Maybe you’ll understand why in the not so distant future.
My name is Blake and  ‘If Average Won’t Do’ then I am a man born with an attitude to succeed.
The time is 9.25pm and it is my intention to sit at my desk in my cell until I am finished.  There are loads of distractions going on around me right now, with Football, Muslims praying out loud, Music and Talking out the windows, none of which affect me in any way as I am focused on making progress. 

Later they will all fade away and all that will be left is me and my pen, we often work until the door opens the next morning at 7.55am-ish


TRUST is a word that I have always taken seriously and been put in positions of from a very young age, this alone has allowed me to achieve some pretty amazing things in my life so far, however, always lurking in the background is the Police, for some unknown reasons the Cambridge Constabulary have a problem with me and as soon as I became aware of this fact I started to question ‘Why’ but came up with nothing but total dishonesty on their part. 

“Is it Black or is it Blake” I said!!!.... personally I think its both my name and colour of my skin, it does not end there either because my natural talent allows me to build my ‘Dreams’ and make money, and I am sure today as I have always been that members of the Cambridge Police are responsible for not only trying to destroy my destiny but making sure that I never rise above a certain level in life, so jealousy plays a huge part too! I will obtain a copy of my criminal records for you to view, I will also breakdown each and every one of those charges to you as some I agree with and some I totally refute, despite the fact that I have already been convicted and punished. 

If you were to ask me....”Should you have a criminal record”... I would not hesitate before saying “Yes” but this would be worlds apart from the one the Cambridge Police have been trying to give me for the past 25+ years, and I have had enough and make my stand now because I am strong enough to activate both my mental toughness and emotional control, the odds may be totally against me but my faith along with alot of evidence is real and Win, Lose or Draw....... this must end now.


P N C – stands for Police National Computer, mine was last updated 28-11-04 at 12.00hrs. It states an address of my son, now deceased, and not lived in since 1998 – Place of Birth – ‘Afro Caribbean’ – Weapons: May be in possession of knife – Violent: History of Violence – Offends on Bail – DNA confirmed offends on Bail. 

Now the Detective, one DC Andy Poulton logged on to PNC and typed in false information concerning me as well as abusing Police powers by creating a criminal document (i.e. my pre-cons) that did not exist prior to him logging on!!!  I can only assume that this was done because a) he wanted me arrested on sight! – b) he wanted to make sure I never made bail! – c) a colleague of his was seriously assaulted twenty four hours previously! – d) a ‘ black’ man was involved!

When the time comes... no doubt this Detective will be able to give clear answers but what he will not be able to do is wriggle out of the fact that what he done was unlawful and malicious even if he was just taking orders!


This is how the conspiracy unfolds against me, by any means necessary the Cambridge Police had every intention of arresting and convicting me.  Meanwhile I am just getting on with my life in the usual way not knowing a hurricane (Police) was coming to swoop me away. 

I wish to return to Weapons: May be in possession of knife – There is clear evidence available and already known to the Cambridge Police that I have been working with knives professionally since 1982, I then went on to open my own restaurants in 1987 and another in 1992, both of which were successful until the Police came knocking, no I will rephrase that! – ‘Smashing’ the doors down.  My career has always been around the entertainment industry because I am passionate about people being treated right, and that is not me saying that I have never treated anyone wrong because I have. 

My role as Director, Proprietor, Minder, Bodyguard, Chauffeur, Doorman, Escort, Cook, Negotiator, etc., has always led to violence in one way or another, so I have acquired the skills to not only defend myself, but to restrain my opponent/s in a quick, tactical manner, otherwise it becomes a scrap, and I dislike scraps!.... it puts my customers off.  Never in 42 years on this planet have I ever pulled or used a knife on anybody, it’s simply not my style, I am very well known for having the balls to fight any man, win, lose or draw, if I or my clients feel threatened or attacked. 

Once I remember using a truncheon in a ‘6 to 1’ situation....and “Yes” I came out on top and was arrested, however, my accusers all failed to turn up at the trial and the case was thrown out, a clear case of self-defence the Cambridge, the Cambridge Police would not let go.  I have become accustom to the treatment that I receive from the Cambridge Police because no one is prepared to challenge the law.  It is a secret society that looks after its own, the word ‘Independent’ is a crock of shit! When cases are brought against them they never accept their wrong.

So my arrest takes place in Cornwell on the 17th December 2004 when I am travelling back to Cambridge.  Unknown to me at the time the Cambridge Police Detective had faxed a 1997/98 picture of me in prison to Devon and Cornwell Constabulary for them to show ‘whoever’. 

Then 3 detectives travelled to Cornwall to arrest and investigate whilst they left me locked up in Exeter Police Station.  I never had the need for a Solicitor because like I said, “I am used to this kind of treatment”, however my detention lasted over 18 hours without once being interviewed, consulted or briefed on why I was being held!.  A team of Cambridge Police Officers in a Ford Transit tied (cable ties) my ankles together, cuffed my hands and placed me in a van cage in a paper suit, no seat and no seat belt.  Under breaking I would smash my head. 

We arrive at Parkside Police Station between 5 & 6 in the morning and unknown to me again, this is when the Cambridge Police start the clock ticking on my time in custody, totally un-lawful.
“Listen to my interviews and request a typed copy if you so desire. The questions I am being asked will become very important at a later stage.

  Protest – There is a catalogue of events that took place before I decided that a protest was my only option. When someone intends to take your life in most cases you either let them or find a way to fight.  I was prepared to die to get someone to intervene in my case.  

Noble Solicitors: “If you, or anyone you know have had bad representations from this firm I would like to hear from you”.  On the 12th January 2005 I wrote to this firm from Woodhill Prison (find this letter under legal solutions) and what took place after that is near on unbelievable, because not only did they falsify documents, they held on to criminal evidence that did not belong to them.

A Mr Burgess from their offices told a member of my family – “What does he need them for” when being asked to hand them over.  Craig Crosby-Barrister supplied to me to carry out my instructions.....did not turn up!.  Put his name to one side and imagine this: Two years after meeting this barrister I am watching the DVDS in my cell (Ali G inda House) and see the man who crossed me starring in this movie as a member of parliament!!!  The outcome of how I dealt with Nobles can be found in ‘Man Hunt’.

  Conviction: On the day I was convicted I looked at my accuser amongst his other colleagues, he could not look back at me in the dock.  

Appeal: My Determination to achieve justice without the aid of a legal team was put to a sudden halt when a letter to my Mckenzie Friend, dated 14th March 2006, (see: legal solutions) arrived from the Appeal Court, it stated “The Registrar has directed that you may no longer act on behalf of the above applicant in relation to proceedings at this court”. 

This became the final straw for the friend I put my trust in, her self-confidence was destroyed and she even slowly walked away from me (stopped visiting), she is a witness to many aspects of this case.  I made no attempts to try and replace my Mckenzie Friend because: a) the Appeal Courts had no legal right to direct any such action – b) the Court of Appeal failed to re-negotiate ‘The Agreement’ between ‘Us’. 

Un-related documents that I have acquired in 2009 via my associates will clearly show that the Court of Appeal: a)arrange telephone conferences via the Governor with inmates – b) have Judges direct Counsel on behalf of an appellant without the knowledge of the appellant – c) ask for confirmation in writing that the appellant will attend a legal visit – no such service was ever given to me before or after the Registrars direction.  Then you have security clearance for everyone who wishes to visit me.

I had a Responsibility to hand my case to a legal team to finish my Appeal, and have a look at what’s happened!!!!
“Now I’ll tell you again – This is a conspiracy”

  Please Note: All updates on this site will be clearly marked so you can follow the progress – Thank you.